How to Play Kubb

The Set Up


  • Create an 8 meter by 5 meter rectangle.
  • Place the King in the middle
  • Place 5 kubbs, equally spaced, on each 5 meter side

Make Two Teams

  • You can do this however you like; short & tall, girls & boys, early birthdays & late birthdays, nut allergy & no dairy, however you like.
  • Optionally, select a team name

Who Goes First?

  • On the count of 3 – one person from each team throws a single baton toward the King
  • The team with the baton closest to the King >(without knocking it over) selects to go first or which side they’d like to start from.

Game On!

  • Each team now takes turns throwing each of the 6 batons at the 5 baseline kubbs on the other side of the pitch.
  • Each kubb knocked over during a turn are thrown into the field – past the king – at the beginning of the next team’s turn. These field kubbs are tipped up, as if on a hinge, by the opposing team and must all be knocked down before attacking any remaining baseline kubbs.
  • If a field kubb remains standing at the end of a turn, the opposing team may move up to the location of this kubb for their 6 throws.

For the Win

  • The first team to knock over all the field kubbs, all the remaining base kubbs, and the King – wins!

Download the U.S. Kubb Nationals Rules [pdf]
Download the Kubb World Championship Rules [pdf]